? guy with erection appearence was made by a faery

A young girl decided to paint in her bedroom. She drew a red flower and suddenly something striking happened: a rose arosed on the table next to her paints. The girl realized that this happened because of her magic easel. Without a second thought, the girl decided to draw a man’s torso – she didn’t have a good sex for a long time, and her current boyfriend had no idea how to make the other person feel complete pleasure, except himself. The magic experiment made a success – a handsome naked brunette appeared on her bed. The girl immediately pounced on the young man and began to suck his cock actively and masturbate his balls with her fingers. She took off her clothes and sat on his face with her pussy. The girl always dreamed of implementing 69 pose, and the magic easel have lived out her dream. The guy was absolutely in step with the crazy whore: he licked all the corners of her crotch actively, thrusting his tongue into her vagina. Then the girl turned around and put in a huge boner in her juicy pot. Starting with slow movements, the girl was dispersed on the guy to an amazing high speed. After that, the guy decided to take matters into his own hands: he humped her doggystyle, then – on the side. At the end of his strength, he flung her down on the bed and cum: the sperm was everywhere – from the face to her pussy.


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