A sexy big-booty trainer gave a hot work-out to a guy

On the recommendation of a friend, a boy came to the gym, which was next to his house. Seeing that horrible unprofessional place, he wanted to leave already, when suddenly his attention was attracted to the sporting beauties. They were so friendly and beautiful that the sweat streaming down their breasts excited the guy, so he stayed. There he met a pretty Katrina, who became his personal trainer. She could motivate absolutely any guy, because she had special approaches. She also began to work that sexy way with Sam: during abdominal crunches the brunette got her tits and started to shake them. The guy needed only to strain the muscles of the press, so that his lips could touch her stunning booties. The guy liked such training and he did not notice how he was left alone with his personal trainer. Then the girl stood over him and began to shake her ass, so that he pumped the muscles of the lower press. At the second approach, she took off her panties so that the guy exercising could touch her pussy with his tongue. The guy did a good job so the coach decided to reward him with sex. Taking out his penis, Katrina sucked him and put his dick into herself. After a hot fuck the guy finished on the bitch’s cheek.


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