A masseur was fucked by a hungry Dillion Harper

Dillion Harper invited a professional masseur to his home. The girl was engaged in sports the other day and it seemed to her that her hands and the press were extremely tense. In fact, the girl called him not for him for another reason – she had not had sex for a long time and the was sure that the simplest was about seducing someone who would come to her home himself. The very next day, as soon as the man crossed the threshold of the house, Dillion Harper began to seduce him slowly. She showed the masseur a place where she was hurting, stretching her left tit, smiling sweetly and saying compliments to the man. Left naked, the girl refused the towel, because she wanted to massage the hands of the massage therapist, including her tits. Having poured the girl’s body with oil, the man mashed her nipples and stomach. Seeing that Dillion Harper was uncomplicated he opened her pussy, poured oil and took out a vibrator. Beauty put her legs behind her head, giving her a cute pussy to her new masseur. After a massage, the man himself lay down on the mattress, because the girl clearly showed an interest in his penis. And he was not mistaken. Dillion Harper without demand took out his penis and began to muster him. By her behavior, it was immediately clear that nobody had opened her crack for a long time. The masseur happily provided his penis to the whore, who fucked him showering herself with oil.


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