A massage therapist made a turned-on brunette cum

Brunette Catherine has not been on massage therapies for a long time. Recently a salon has opened next to her house and she hurried to enroll there. She was lucky – Her masseur was a man with strong hands, who gave her a good massage. A completely naked brunette lay on the couch. The masseur did not regret oil – he worked every part of the girl’s body professionally, not reacting to her standing nipples and moaning. First, he stroked the hands, waist and legs of the girl, and then gently squeezed her tits. Lowering the hand between the girl’s legs, he felt her hand on her dick, because of which he asked her to roll over on her stomach. Realizing that the girl was excited masseur poured oil on Her back and massaging movements smeared on Her ass, and then and holes. Spread her hips, he was able to discern the pink lips of the client and wanted to fuck her. When she sprawled on her back, the masseur himself took out his dick and presented it to her face. Excited Katherine immediately stuffed this fat dick into her mouth, not forgetting to pay attention to his eggs. After a minute, the masseur poured the client’s pussy and stuck his cock deep inside her. After the baby, she laid the guy on the couch and started massaging his cock with her dirty wet pussy. Before leaving the massage, therapist decided to make the girl a free protein mask and finished the whore on the face.


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