A librarian fucks student for bungo-bessy in a sex-chat

Frivolous student Jade Nile, instead of going to classes, came to the library to sit in a sex chat. Chewing the cud, she quietly pulled off her bra and showed her tits to the camera, for which she received money. Everything was fine, until the old worker of the library caught her red-handed. He took the girl to his office and began to write a complaint against her. The girl tried to lie, that she did nothing wrong – just talked with friends. The student did not know that all her actions were automatically saved on the server. When the man saw what exactly the girl had been doing, he got a horn. Having seen that the student decided to make amends, so that she would not be expelled. Jade unbuttoned her blouse and showed to the modest librarian her young boobs, and then her ass. Having lost the gift of speech, the man stroked his riser while the girl wriggled in sexual pose. Then she sank to her knees and took a penis of the librarian into her mouth. After receiving a hot blowjob from a student, he decided not to stop and taste her young pussy. Putting the girl on the table, he began to lick her like an overexcited boy. Then he pushed her to his cock and immediately blew into so hard and fast how he girl had not fucked with anyone before. Finishing once, the girl changed the pose, giving the man to fuck her behind, and then saddled his cock completely. The girl never thought that the librarian was capable of fucking so well. Enthusiastic after orgasm, Jade took his penis deep in her mouth and let the librarian cum right in her throat. Realizing that the girl’s pussy could be accessible to him, the arrogant librarian invited the girl to drop by to him next week otherwise she might have problems.


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