A guy settled his long hard dick to a blonde lover

Early in the morning, a sexy blonde in a towel made her toilet: she showered and brushed her teeth in front of the mirror. Suddenly her lover came up to her, sat down on the bath and started to examine her ass and the way she wielded an earth-brush in her mouth. He approached and began showering the blonde with tender kisses. The neck was her weak point and she could no longer resist. She turned to the guy and kissed his lips, feeling his riser more and more against her pussy. The guy untied the towel and dropped it halfway. He tightly squeezed her ripe breasts and licked them, sucking at the girl’s fucking whilst – she gently groaned. Then he sank lower, took off her panties and gently slipped his tongue between her juicy pussy lips. Having received real pleasure from cunnilingus of the beloved, the girls began to suck his cock: she took it into her mouth, slightly touching the head with the tongue and stroking the boy’s eggs. Then she turned and gave the guy a hot fuck in her crevice. The guy was hammering his crumbs hard, increasing the tempo. Then they sank to the floor, lay down on the towel, which he stole from her, and fucked hot near the bathroom. The baby wanted to work from the top and at the end of the village herself on the guy. He was so pleased that he could not restrain himself and cumshot straight into her vagina.


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