A cleaning man pretended a doctor and fucked a patient

A guy was cleaning in the consulting room and decided to play with stethoscope and other medical stuff. Suddenly while he was playing, a beautiful girl Dillion Harper came to the room. She came for a visit to gynecologist because she had some problems with her vagina. The guy decided to pretend that he is a doctor and started examination. He asked the girl to took off her jeans and the babe did so. The guy listened to her vagina with stethoscope and then fingered her a little. By his words, everything was good. The girl said, that it wasn’t true. She couldn’t get orgasms and it made her very sad. He examined her juicy tits and everything was fine again. Then the guy like real doctor asked how often she had sex and about sex duration. It turned out, that usually her sex was about ten minutes! After it everything was clear. The boy offered the girl to show how to fuck and Dillion agreed. The guy started with her pussy. He fingered and then licked her little hole. The girl was delighted! After it he offered her to suck his dick to make a connection between her brain and pussy. The girl she fulfilled his request. Then the guy put his dick into her pussy and showed the girl the world of real cool sex!


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