A beautiful young secretary masturbates in the office

A sweet tender girl Milena was bored in an empty and stuffy office. To spend the time exciting she decided to enjoy herself. The air is so hot, she doesn’t need her panties. She noticed her pussy became wetter and she already wants to stick her fingers in. Her swollen nipples sticks out from a thin white T-shirt and she takes it off. The baby already moans from pleasure, putting her fingers any deeper. She sits on the office desk and rubs herself so actively, that she cums for the first time. She licks her finger to taste that delicious flavor, but it isn’t enough for her as she wants to pick a new wave of satisfaction. She starts petting her clitoris, wetting it with her saliva. Milena moans and she doesn’t care that someone can hear her. Her fingers easily go in and out, making a murky white liquid flows out of her pussy. She takes the rest of the clothes off and puts one leg on the table to be able to stick her fingers deeper in her hot pussy. The baby can’t keep her moans and she actively pokes her pussy with fingers that reaches a pick of pleasure. Milena continues sweetly moaning because of such a great pleasure from masturbating right on the office table.


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