A beautiful chick seduced her guy instead of breakfast

One morning Casey Calvert decided to please her boyfriend with tasty breakfast. The girl cooked for a whole hour and made something special. She wanted to seduce her boyfriend too, so she went to him wearing panties and tight blouse without bra. The guy was happy to try something so special, but then he noticed her seductive clothes. The girl touched his dick and the guy guessed, that she wanted him to pay attention at her. His girl was very sexy and he couldn’t keep looking at her ass. He asked the girl to show it and when she was at her fours he leaned at her and began to lick her awesome ass. He fingered and licked her hole the girl became very horny. She unbuttoned the guy’s pants and got his dick out. Then she took it into her mouth and the guy fucked her mouth properly. After it the girl took doggy style position and she fucked her very good. The couple liked new positions and because of it they experimented with girl’s legs near her shoulders. After this they fucked in other positions and the girl sucked his dick again. At the end, the guy cumed into the girl’s mouth and the girl was very happy to get a portion of semen on her face.


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