A barman and two waitresses relaxing after a hard day

A heavy night stood out for the young waitresses and a barman, and after a working shift, in a completely empty institution, the guys decided to have some fun. Today it was their turn to close the cafe, so they decided to stay for a good fuck. The girls were not against group sex, because they really wanted to relax. While the bartender fucked the narrow ass of a brunette, the brown-haired woman crouched down on her face to give the girl to lick the holes, and from time to time she sucked a barman’s dick when he took it out of her friend’s ass. Having finished with one, the barman approached the girl sitting on the girlfriend’s mouth and slide his bolt into her fist. He responded by showing another couple of inches into her. The girl’s pleasure palace was becoming real accommodating, stretching to take all there was. After that, having unfurled both asses to himself, the barman alternately tore their anal holes. There was no pain only a sweet flood of deepest ecstasy. At the end he treated the ladies with the most delicious cocktail of their grease and his semen. The girls liked it so much that they sucked on barman’s thick penis for a long time.


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